From Concept to Market A-Z: Patents, Trademarks, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Marketing, Branding, E-Commerce - Surf Goggle Chronicles

Do you have the next big idea, but not sure how to launch it? Or do you have a small business and want to take it to the next level? Welcome to the Surf Goggles Chronicles - a bipolar business roller coaster. From concept to market, through horror and success learn how Kurtis and Jon launched Kurtis Eyewear from their garage to 65 countries worldwide. From a prototype of tin foil and rubber bands, learn how these 2 guys navigated, patents, trademarks, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, e-commerce and worldwide sales. Plus learn from their interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners, best selling authors and brand creators so you can avoid the horror and achieve success by learning from their adventures.
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From Concept to Market A-Z: Patents, Trademarks, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Marketing, Branding, E-Commerce - Surf Goggle Chronicles



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Jan 17, 2017

Archies Ice Cream @ArchiesIceCream has been rocking Ice Cream at VIP events for 21 years.  From Tony Hawk and Chuck Liddell to Steven Spielberg and the Beastie Boys they’ve got an A+ list of celebrity endorsements.  How did Shant, Troy & Raffi go from concept to market of the coolest ice cream brand on the planet?  We dig deep into their marketing / branding strategy plus their brick and mortar Ice Cream Store launch.  Check out and be blown away by their photo gallery.  How to build a lasting brand with Shant Keuilian.


  1. Growing up an entrepreneur. -
  2. Pumping Gas and changing tires on the freeway at 15 yrs old. -
  3. From the first tow truck purchased at 45K to the most recent at 450K. -
  4. You will never make it and you’ll be out of business in a year. -
  5. Expanding from Tow Trucks to Ice Cream. -
  6. Their first celebrity signing. -
  7. How to co-market and brand with celebrities. -
  8. Giving up your weekends & holidays to pursue your dream. -
  9. Job descriptions and dividing up your work load. -
  10. How do you know you’ve made it?  Copy Cats appear! -
  11. Expanding from a Fleet of VIP Ice Cream Trucks to a Brick & Mortar Business. -
  12. Location, Location, Location and working with the City. -
  13. Archella and more co-marketing -
  14. Promoting, Co-marketing and over 1 Million Photos! -
  15. Archella, Railgun and launching brands with Archies Ice Cream. -


There was no school teaching “Towing 101” and they were often told you will never make it.  Would you like to build a brand that will continue to grow 21 years from now?  From Concept to Market Shant Keuilian walks us through the Archies Ice Cream formula.  If you love metal listen to Railgun on Spotify and youtube or @railgun_official on instagram plus @SurfGogglesChronicles and @archiesIceCream and @KurtisEyewear

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