From Concept to Market A-Z: Patents, Trademarks, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Marketing, Branding, E-Commerce - Surf Goggle Chronicles

Do you have the next big idea, but not sure how to launch it? Or do you have a small business and want to take it to the next level? Welcome to the Surf Goggles Chronicles - a bipolar business roller coaster. From concept to market, through horror and success learn how Kurtis and Jon launched Kurtis Eyewear from their garage to 65 countries worldwide. From a prototype of tin foil and rubber bands, learn how these 2 guys navigated, patents, trademarks, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, e-commerce and worldwide sales. Plus learn from their interviews with entrepreneurs, business owners, best selling authors and brand creators so you can avoid the horror and achieve success by learning from their adventures.
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From Concept to Market A-Z: Patents, Trademarks, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Marketing, Branding, E-Commerce - Surf Goggle Chronicles



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Dec 31, 2016

In this minisode attorney and entrepreneur Kristen Prinz of the Prinz Law Firm @prinzLawFirm adds valuable expert consult on the importance of protecting a name.  Kurtis shares how he saved $3,000.00 on his first ™ and lost an estimated $20,000.00 in value through not protecting Surf Goggles.  


  1. Which Category to protect for your ™
  2. When does ™ become ® ?
  3. - excellent FREE resource
  4. Losing Surf Goggles as a ™
  5. Proof in commerce and registering your mark
  6. Is a ® mark an asset?  Hell Yes!
  7. Doing your own ™ vs hiring an expert
  8. Saving money - ™ on a shoestring budget

Keep a strong vision and go for it.  Surf Goggles Chronicles - Concept to market A-Z.  How to patent, Trademark, source your product, manufacturer, e-commerce and marketing worldwide.

Dec 30, 2016

Kristen Prinz of The Prinz Law Firm joins Kurtis and Jon on this episode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles.  When should you hire an attorney?  When should you implement contracts?  Best practices moving forward. .   The Surf Goggles Chronicles was inspired by The Mouse Driver Chronicles - read this book by John Lusk and Kyle Harrison


In this episode  of the Surf Goggles Chronicles


  1. Customer Service, warranties and being great.
  2. Being the most innovative and personable brand in the world.
  3. Stealing your idea or knocking off your products
  4. Manufacturing in the USA vs Asia
  5. The most common legal questions asked by entrepreneurs
  6. What is your goal for your business?  End Game?
  7. Equity and protecting your personal assets
  8. Are you protecting your content?  Building an asset?
  9. Your attorney should make you better, but be prepared to answer their questions
  10. Being naive can be a benefit when starting out.
  11. Self doubt and the entrepreneur
  12. Start-up - Incubator vs Accelerator  - what’s the difference?
  13. Start with the end in mind
  14. A Partnership, but who owns the Trademark?
  15. Felix Dennis - Kurtis finally understands him
  16. Nobody fights until there is money
  17. Advisory Board vs Board of Directors


You want people with a network, expertise or money when looking to share equity.  Horror statistics on marriage  and partnerships.  Read “The One Thing” and “The Art of Storytelling” as mentioned by Kristen Prinz.  Keep in touch with Kristen @PrinzLawFirm on twitter or

Dec 18, 2016

Serial Entrepreneur and Cal Poly Business Educator, Anthony Randazzo join Kurtis and Jon on this episode of Surf Goggles Chronicles.  Anthony explains how Perfect Conditions Board Bag Company was started in a dorm room.  The importance of organic growth and what can happen if the economy makes a U turn.  Plus how did one business as a sole proprietorship grow into 5 businesses with 3 partners and finally a house of cards.  


In this episode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles


  1. Archies Ice Cream and Football Rivalry
  2. Why Kurtis Sponsors a Gumball Machine
  3. Ice cream, Tacos and Eyewear?
  4. No Broken Zippers
  5. Do Entrepreneurs get paid vacations and holidays?
  6. Rubbing Elbows with high rollers
  7. Gary V and Crush it (read this book)
  8. Why a service business makes money quicker
  9. Commission reps over salaried employees
  10. Scenario Forecasting


Kurtis reminds you to  “Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You.”  Why his patent attorney was so happy he turned his idea into a business.  The importance of seeking consult over opinion and more collaborations.  Anthony can be reached at . Plus check out .  Read Gary Vaynerchuk “Crush it”

Dec 18, 2016

Inventor Brant Berger joins Kurtis & Jon as they discuss patents and building Berger Bindings on this episode of Surf Goggles Chronicles.  How Brant went from an idea, to over 1.5 Million raised in investment, to his first 1 Million dollar order.   What happens when you poke the 500 pound gorilla?


Is your patent only as good as your ability to fight it?  What is SEO?  Kurtis gives his take on why you should be looking beyond SEO for your website and look into everything above the fold in a google search.  Jon explains the importance of incognito browsing to check your results.


In this episode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles


  1. Google Images vs Google Shopping Images
  2. How we market to Australia and what we should be doing
  3. Keywords for adwords and youtube
  4. Incognito and your private browsing history
  5. Flickr, youtube and instagram
  6. Kurtis vs Amazon - Who won?
  7. Berger Bindings vs Rossignol
  8. Patagonia says NO, but did they have the power to say YES
  9. How to start your company
  10. LLC, Benefit Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, C Corp

How to start your company A, B, C.  Do you have $150 or $1,000 dollars to start your company?  Kurtis and Jon explain what they did and how they would do it differently today.  Time to think of your URL or domain name as real estate.  Plus if you have a day job their are many advantages to starting with an LLC, umbrella protection, pass through of taxes and much, much more.  Plus the inspiration behind Surf Goggles Chronicles and why you must read “The Mouse Driver Chronicles” by John Lusk and Kyle Harrison. .

Dec 18, 2016

James Ropner, pro Kiteboarder @jamesropner joins Kurtis & Jon as they discuss building mini media empires with Facebook, Instagram, kiteboarders and surfers.  How do they reach a  worldwide audience, gain validation and athlete endorsements?  They discuss how they do it and much, much more.


In this episode of the Surf Goggles Chronicles:


  1. How to build a team of loyal ambassadors (surfers, kiteboarders and photographers)
  2. Patagonia - 20 Million and Change - Shared resources
  3. Building your own media company
  4. LLC vs Benefit Corporation
  5. How to add value to get your dream job
  6. Warm leads verse cold leads
  7. VP of Supply and VP of Demand
  8. How to be a sponsored athlete in detail
  9. Being Good isn’t Good Enough
  10. Offer More Value then you expect to receive in return


This is the roadmap of how Kurtis Eyewear went from concept to market and is now sold in all 50 States in the USA plus 65 countries worldwide.  It’s a bipolar roller coaster of horror and success.  From patents, trademarks, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing, e-commerce to worldwide distribution.  Kurtis Shipcott and Jon Berezay tell you how they did it.